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Privacy policy

The Halifax Philharmonic Club holds data on its subscribers and recipients of its brochures which it gathers and uses in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (25th May 2018).

Data held

1) The HPC holds the following data on its subscribers: Name(s), Address, Telephone number, email address
2) It also holds a list of names and addresses of people who are not subscribers, but have expressed an interest in receiving a brochure.

Data Security

1) Data held electronically is password-protected, and the password is changed at regular intervals. Only the Chair, Tickets Secretary and Secretary of the Club have access to it.
2) Physical data (eg. records of payments made) is held securely and only the Tickets Secretary and Secretary can access it.
3) Under no circumstances is any data given to or shared with any other person or organisation.
4) Data is reviewed annually. Data which is out-of-date or no longer relevant is removed. It is also removed at the request of an individual at any time.

Consent to hold data

1) The HPC contacts potential subscribers and those interested in attending the concerts it promotes by mailing them a brochure annually. Those who wish to subscribe do so by mailing a booking form, or contacting the Tickets Secretary personally.
2) Subscribers are therefore deemed to have consented to their data being held. The brochure explains how to opt out of our mailing list.

Privacy Policy

1) This policy is posted on the Club's website.
2) Any individual who wishes to see it can do so by applying to the Club Secretary whose details are published on the Club's brochure and who is the point of contact for any queries.
3) The policy is reviewed regularly by the Club's committee.

Christine Stead
May 2018